AT&T’s high-speed service to hit four Austin neighborhoods in December

Nov 5, 2013
Austin American Statesman

AT&T Inc. on Monday provided a few more details on where it will be offering its first ultra-fast broadband service in Austin

The telecommunications giant said it will begin offering service — which it has dubbed U-verse with GigaPower — in December. The service will reach tens of thousands of customers. AT&T isn’t offering details on pricing until next month

The service appears to be directly competitive with Google Inc.’s plans to offer its high-speed broadband Google Fiber service next year

The first four Austin neighborhoods with service, AT&T said, will be French Place and Mueller in East Austin, Zilker in South Austin and Onion Creek in South Austin

The neighborhoods will be served with what AT&T describes as a 100 percent fiber-optic network. AT&T says it will offer high-speed Internet access of 300 megabits per second to start with in December. Customers who sign up for the service will be able to upgrade to 1 gigabit per second service in mid 2014

Google is expected to begin building its network in parts of Austin soon. It already has begun delivering Google Fiber service in the Kansas City area

AT&T already has an extensive fiber-optic communications network in Austin, but until now it had delivered broadband service to homes over conventional telephone cable

AT&T is following the Google marketing plan of rallying individual neighborhoods to determine their level of interest in the new service

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