Analytics firm bringing center, 300 jobs to Austin

Sep 18, 2013
Austin American Statesman

Mu Sigma Inc., a major player decision sciences and big data analytics, said Tuesday that it will open an analytics center in Austin next month to cope with fast growing demand from corporate clients.

The Chicago-based company expects the Austin center will expand to 300 workers in the next two years, which would make it the company’s largest operations center in this country. The company’s biggest operations center remains in Bangalore, India, where it has more than 2,500 employees, which it calls “decision scientists.”

Mu Sigma is a leading player in the service industry that is enabling corporations to find more meaning — and better decisions — buried inside all the data they are accumulating.

The nine-year-old company has leased 6,000 square feet of office space on Rio Grande Street in the West Campus area near the University of Texas campus as the home for its analytics center here. It expects to lease more space as it grows. And it has recruited more than 30 recent graduates to work in the center. It hires new graduates and experienced workers with backgrounds in engineering, finance, marketing, economics and psychology

Employees in the Austin center will work with other Mu Sigma decision scientists who work at the sites of major corporate clients. The company has a broad range to large corporate clients, including Microsoft Corp and Dell Inc., that do business in pharmaceuticals, health care, financial services, insurance, consumer packaged goods and retail

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