Austin’s Skyonic set to open San Antonio carbon-capture plant

Oct 21, 2014
Austin American Statesman

Austin-based chemical engineering firm Skyonic Corp. on Tuesday will open its first factory that will turn carbon dioxide emissions into profitable products

The company has spent the past year building the Capitol SkyMine at a cement plant in San Antonio. Officials say it is the nation’s first commercial-scale carbon capture and utilization 


Once fully operational, Capital SkyMine intends to trap 83,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year from the Capital Aggregates Inc. cement plant

Founded in 2005 by semiconductor industry veteran Joe Jones, Skyonic has developed a process that converts the carbon dioxide release by the flues of industrial facilities into a variety of 

materials that can be used to make glass, paper, cement, paint and other products

Officials say the San Antonio plant will demonstrate the viability of capturing and reusing carbon dioxide as a money making business-scale venture

Skyonic has raised more than $128 million, including $80 million in loans, from backers including BP, Cenovus Energy, BlueCap Partners and Energy Technology Ventures. The company also has 

received two federal grants totaling $28 million

MacDiarmid said that in the next six months Skyonic will announce plans for three more facilities, all of which will be as large or larger than Capital SkyMine

Skyonic says its technology uses a patented chemistry process that enables power-generation and industrial manufacturing plants to cost-effectively produce energy and products in a cleaner 


Countries including the United States and the United Kingdom have sought to capture carbon from power plants for burial underground, but projects on a commercial scale are still under 

development. Skyonic said it believes its plant is the first commercial-scale carbon capture and mineralization plant to be in operation

Skyonic has 25 employees at its Austin headquarters, and Capital SkyMine employs 44 people

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