Austin approves incentives program for $1.3B creative content industry

May 16, 2014
Austin Business Journal

As expected, Austin's $1.3 billion, 10,000-job creative content industry now has a city-funded incentive program in place to try to close the gap between Texas-funded incentives and a host of other states that have offered more money to land big-budget movie productions

City Council approved the program Thursday after a lengthy process to determine the focus and size of the incentives. The bump the city offered is small, but producers say that any amount offered to lure productions is important. Those in the Austin industry have said that the city's small incentive will send a big message to the industry

Under the new program, qualifying creative content producers – including film, television and digital media such as video games – will be eligible to receive 0.5 percent of the wages paid to local residents in the Austin five-county area. Projects that promote Austin or are done by an Austin-based company will be eligible for an additional 0.25 percent incentive

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