Austin entrepreneurs Hurley and Yoshida combine to form Honest Dollar

Nov 21, 2014
Austin Business Journal

An odd couple of Austin businessmen plan to use their different backgrounds to launch a tech-based financial services company at South By Southwest next March, the Austin Business Journal has learned

Technology entrepreneur William Hurley and investment specialist Henry Yoshida are combining to form Honest Dollar Inc. The two are providing few details about the new venture but confirmed that it will focus on providing investors with a new level of transparency and information related to finances

The five-person company, which is looking at office space downtown, is scheduled to reveal its business model at the 2015 South By Southwest Interactive festival on March 14, they said in an interview Wednesday

Hurley, Honest Dollar's CEO who is best known in tech circles as "Whurley," was until last month chief innovation officer of Chaotic Moon LLC. He said the financial services industry is ripe for some disruptive innovation. Also, consumers are seeking for a simpler approach to receiving investment information

"It's a target-rich environment," Hurley said. "I want to do something in a market that affects everybody and makes people's lives better."

Yoshida, Honest Dollar's president, previously co-founded the Austin-based Maresh Yoshida 401 Group. He said Honest Dollar's approach is to "level the playing field" in the financial services industry

A native of Temple, Texas, Hurley moved to Austin in 1994 to work in development at Apple Corp. He left Apple for IBM Corp. in 1997 and since worked for a series of tech companies. He's projecting Honest Dollar to reach profitability in six to 12 months

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