Austin ranks among most-livable cities for 35-and-under crowd

Dec 10, 2014
Austin Business Journal

Austin is the fifth-most livable city in America for people 35 and under, according to an analysis from Vocativ, a data-oriented news website

The ranking looks at 100 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S., based on an analysis of statistics such as salary, employment, rent, public transit, weather and crime, according to the authors

"After all the number crunching, a few surprises emerged. You'll see a lot of Texas on this list — the Lone Star State has cheap rent, gas and Wi-Fi, a ton of young people and a booming economy — while some of the country's biggest cities, like Miami, New Orleans and Philly, missed the cut entirely" reads the report

Vocativ's researchers praised Austin for all the familiar reasons: a great music scene, strong job growth, high pay and low unemployment

Diving into the numbers, it's clear that Austin's booming economic scene helped push it into the top 10. Vocativ ranked Austin the No. 2 city for jobs, but in other rankings, Austin comes in middle of the pack. It ranked No 29. in terms of housing costs, 34th in terms of food options (an index that combined grocery affordability and the number of coffee shops and take out restaurants per capita), 39th in terms of transit and gas expenses, 39th in terms of demographic diversity, and 54th in its entertainment index. You can see the full rankings broken down city-by-city here

Other Texas cities ranked further down the list including Fort Worth at No. 12, Dallas (No. 14), Lubbock (No. 15), Houston (No. 16), Irving (No. 21), Plano (No. 23) and Garland (No. 35)

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