Austin software maker SonarDesign to debut this month

Dec 6, 2013
Austin Business Journal

After a year of beta testing, an Austin mobile software application tool maker is launching next week to allow developers to produce software using Web browsers rather than conventional operating systems

SonarDesign Inc., which launched in November 2012, has developed tools designed to enable “creative professionals” to generate applications without knowing coding, CEO Jerry Bowerman said

The tools would enable users to avoid designing applications limited to operating systems designed specifically by Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL), or Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) or Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG)

“We take the genius of (Adobe Inc.’s) Flash ... and we’re vaccinating it for the browser-based cloud era,” he said. “We believe the only standard that will provide is the HTML 5 standard.”

SonarDesign, which is self-funded, employs 11 workers. Bowerman said he’s pitching venture capital firms and angel investors to raise a $3 million financing to hire more employees and initiate a marketing campaign. He expects the company to employ about 25 workers next year

Competitors include Flowboard Inc., a Seattle-based company founded in 2006 as Treemo Labs, and New, he said

SonarDesign plans to operate with a model that provides the first five applications for free. More robust subscriptions cost $60 or $160 per year

Bowerman is also a managing member of Trecord Ventures LLC and a board member of LucasFilm Ltd. He was previously the president and founder of Media Cloud and chief operating officer of Electronic Arts Canada

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