Austin tech consulting company Catapult Systems merging with ChinaSoft International

Nov 15, 2013
Austin American Statesman

Austin-based technology consulting company Catapult Systems said Thursday it has entered into a merger agreement with ChinaSoft International, a China-based software and information services company

As part of the deal, ChinaSoft is acquiring 92.5 percent of Catapult Systems, the companies said

Catapult Systems works with Microsoft software and builds applications, such as employee portals for corporate intranets and banking websites for customer use, for its clients

Catapult Systems will become a wholly owned subsidiary of ChinaSoft, and will “maintain its brand and leverage the Catapult business model to open offices around the globe,” the companies said in a news release

Catapult Systems has 124 employees in Austin, and there are no plans for staffing changes, said Catapult Systems spokeswoman Caylee Rose. “Catapult’s headquarters will still be in Austin, our employees will still have the same benefits, same insurance. Nothing will change. They will still be working on the same projects with the same customers. Nothing is in jeopardy.”

In addition to its Austin headquarters, Catapult Systems currently has offices in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Denver, Phoenix, Florida, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

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