Austin tech executive attracts plenty of attention on KickStarter

Feb 25, 2014
Austin Business Journal

[Bill ]Leake, the CEO of Austin-based online marketing company Apogee Results, developed a hands-free stand for mobile devices such as tablet computers after straining his back lifting a bag of cement in 2011. The result is The Right Arm, sold through his new company, Bumpershoot Ventures

The stand, which holds up to 4.5 pounds using a gel-like substance, is at the end of an adjustable arm designed to enable users to read and keyboard without holding the mobile device or book they’re reading

“It’s really for any place you want to be hands free,” Leake said

The stand has attracted investment of nearly $100,000 through a KickStarter crowdfunding campaign that started with a goal of just $40,000. Almost 800 people have invested in the campaign since it launched Feb. 4

New York-based, which launched in 2009, operates with a threshold pledge system for music, film and video projects. Listings enable future customers to pledge amounts that would then be used to fund product development

To date, nearly 57,000 projects have raised $992 million in funding through KickStarter. Austin companies have generated more than $20 million in pledges and more than 1,000 local companies have reached their funding goals, KickStarter spokesman Justin Kazmark said

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