Austin tech firm raises $5.4 million for growth

Oct 1, 2014
Austin American Statesman

Pristine EyeSight, a health care technology startup developing applications to be used with Google Glass, has raised $5.4 million to add workers and break into new markets

The Austin-based company, founded last year, uses Google Glass to allow healthcare providers to communicate and deliver information. More than 15 customers are using Pristine’s application, including hospitals, ambulance companies and medical schools

Investors in the funding deal were S3 Ventures, Capital Factory and HealthFundr. The company previously raised $600,000 from a dozen anesthesiologists, surgeons, doctors and health care executives

Pristine is one of a growing number of companies developing health care industry applications for Google Glass, which is a small computer that’s mounted as a glass block on a conventional-looking eyeglass frame

Users wearing the glasses can log on to the Internet, take pictures and record audio and video in real time

Pristine’s HIPAA compliant app, called EyeSight, allows health care professionals to stream live audio and video to and from Google Glass devices, Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads and PCs. That enables remote consultations with others across the hospital or the other side of the world

Co-founder and CEO Kyle Samani said, “We have deployed EyeSight in emergency rooms, operating rooms, ICUs, ambulances and even patients’ homes. We understand that security is paramount. Our utmost focus on security will fuel our growth as we scale our technology throughout healthcare and across other industries.”

Samani said the company, which has about 10 employees, plans to add positions in development, marketing, sales and operations. Pristine has offices in the Capital Tower building downtown at Ninth and Brazos streets

The company also plans to expand outside of healthcare, and is currently working with pharmaceutical, medical device and manufacturing companies on remote support and training applications

Brian Smith, managing director of S3 Ventures, said “Wearable technologies like Google are revolutionizing how healthcare is delivered, and the Pristine platform is the market leader. We are excited to partner with Pristine to continue innovating in healthcare, as well as remote support applications in other industries.

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