Austin technology company launches cloud-based parking solution

Jun 4, 2014
Austin Business Journal

Klever Logic Inc., an Austin-based technology company that develops parking products, this week launched FlashPARCS, its second product

The company touts the product as a ticketless, all-in-one cloud-based parking solution

The system integrates entry, exit and pay-on-foot devices into a single touch-screen unit known as the Smart Station. Customers can utilize Smart Station and gain entry in different ways including by swiping their credit card or driver's license, using RFID technology or license plate recognition, or using their smartphones as a pay station or for e-parking reservation access

The company's first parking product Flash Valet – a smartphone app launched in August 2012– was designed to make valet parking easier

Smart Station relies on FlashPARCS' cloud infrastructure, which also allows parking operators to remotely manage parking facilities

FlashParc's competitors include North Carolina-based PassportParking, which also offers cloud-based, integrated parking solutions to their customers. Internationally, Australia-based Ticketless Parking provides similar parking products, however, their pay-on-foot and pay-on-exit stations are not integrated

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