CurateKing launches after beta testing social media tool

Jul 23, 2014
Austin Business Journal

Two Round Rock entrepreneurs have developed an online tool designed to automate the posting of content on social media websites maintained by businesses

Michael Tibebu and Maurice Prosper operated a public beta test of the CurateKing LLC application from January through April that attracted 642 users. Last week, they made CurateKing publicly available at two different monthly service levels, $10 for a single account, and $30 for multiple accounts

CurateKing, which is designed for small- and mid-sized businesses, is a sharing application that both curates and schedules user-related content for professional social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. The strategy behind the tool is to automatically provide Twitter accounts with content that would generate additional interest for a business, Tibebu said

In addition to the content, CurateKing is designed to analyze user patterns to determine what times attract the most readers and refine the schedule of posted content. The company founders plan to eventually expand the service to Facebook users

Tibebu considers San Francisco-based Buffer Inc. to be CurateKing’s chief competition. Buffer, which was founded in 2010, now claims 1.4 million users

Several Austin-area companies are also doing business in the social media management space, including Spredfast Inc

Also, Main Street Hub Inc., which launched in San Francisco in 2009 and relocated to Austin in 2011, provides a service designed to enable small and midsize businesses to manage their online presence and reputations. The company, which does not disclose its annual revenue, now employs 175 workers and operates offices in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles

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