East Riverside retail options keep expanding

Oct 27, 2014
Austin American Statesman

More retail and dining options are on the way to the rapidly changing East Riverside Drive corridor

Houston-based Grayco Partners, the developer behind the South Shore District mixed-use development, has signed leases with a host of shops and restaurants set to start opening at 1920 E. Riverside Drive in the coming weeks

AT&T, South Shore Market and Walgreens will be joined by a number of food-and-drink options, including Starbucks, Chipotle, Orange Leaf frozen yogurt, the homegrown JuiceLand and Verts chains and Poke’ Poke’, which serves Hawaiian cuisine

Other tenants who’ve committed to the project include South Shore Dental and Texan Urgent Care

Grayco Partners has also agreed to provide rent-free office space to the Austin Music Foundation, which helps up-and-coming local musicians

“It has been our goal to pursue retailers and restaurants that cater to the specific needs of the residents of South Shore District and the surrounding neighborhoods and we’ve delivered on that goal,” Grayco Partners president Jeff Gray said. “We’ve created a community hub to provide quality goods and services in a convenient setting.”

Leasing isn’t done just yet, Gray said. Look for more announcements soon

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