Graphed out: Austin's untouchable economic growth

Sep 10, 2014
Austin Business Journal

The difference between Austin's economic growth and that of Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Fort Worth is striking, according to the Austin Chamber of Commerce's monthly Economic Indicators report

Of all the charts put on display, which rely on data from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, perhaps the one on this page is most remarkable. It shows that, since 2010, Austin’s business cycle index has grown 42 percent while Dallas and Houston have grown 25 percent, and Fort Worth and San Antonio have grown 21 percent and 20 percent respectively

What's a business cycle index? It's a simple way to show broad movements in economies. It summarizes things such as employment activity, fluctuations in wages and retail sales

If you're interested in delving into the business cycle indexes of Texas cities, the Fed has stockpiled the data online

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