IT jobs in demand in Austin

Dec 10, 2013

If you're looking for a new job or even in the market for a job change, there's good news. For computer programmers, the job market in Austin is booming. But the problem is there aren't enough qualified people to fill the 7,600 IT-related jobs in the city

"I'm always on the look for both talent and technology," said Dr. Jim Snyder. technology officer for 21CT, a growing cyber security and anti-fraud company is desperate for the talent

The whole talent problem is actually pretty severe right now, Java in particular is something we use a lot of technologists for. The need for people who know the JAVA program is so great Austin Community College and the Austin Chamber are recruiting workers for a new Java development training program at ACC

The Austin Chamber of Commerce says half of the top 10 posted jobs now are in the IT field, and they pay an annual salary up to $96,000

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