In search of a better pencil, Austin designer's Kickstarter campaign soars

Dec 30, 2014
Austin Business Journal

An Austin-based designer's modest Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of a better, more durable mechanical pencil has taken off

The pencil is made from a solid piece of machined metal in aluminum or brass, resembling a long, thin bullet

Blowing far past his initial $4,000 goal, Andrew Sanderson's all-metal mechanical pencil has raised more than $58,400 with more than a month to go before the fundraising deadline

On his Kickstarter page, Sanderson writes that he was inspired when he realized how many disposable mechanical pencils he uses in his job

"I set out to design a mechanical pencil that would reduce the waste, be a testament to U.S. manufacturing and design, and not break the bank. Having a single mechanical pencil that replaces the endless packs of plastic that end up sitting it landfills and floating in our oceans has to be a good thing," wrote Sanderson

Backing up his promise of a more-durable mechanical pencil, Sanderson said that if one of his products breaks, he'll fix it or make a new one for free

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