Intel funds 3-D printing startup in Austin

Feb 12, 2014
Austin Business Journal

The investing arm of chip giant Intel Corp. is apparently bullish on 3-D printing, and it's getting a piece of the action via a new Austin company

Santa Clara, Calif.-based Intel Capital announced Tuesday that it has invested in Makexyz LLC, a website that links owners of 3-D printers with those that need one. Intel Capital representatives and Makexyz decline to disclose the amount, but this recent story from The Economic Times reports that Intel Capital has a recent track record of doling out an average investment of $4 million

Intel Capital also announced Tuesday that it has invested an undisclosed amount in Lithuanian company CGTrader. CGTrader’s website is a huge 3-D community where designers can buy, sell and discover 3-D models

Makexyz CEO Nathan Tone said the capital will be used to improve the website, seek out more 3-D printers in the world and hire a handful of people at the four-person company

“3-D printing is changing the way individuals and businesses give life to ideas,” Arvind Sodhani, president of Intel Capital and executive vice president of Intel Corp., said in the announcement. “We’re seeing the impact of this technology on numerous industries, including manufacturing, medical, retail and consumable goods, among others. CGTrader and Makexyz will drive the development of the ecosystem.”

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