Legislature to consider new office buildings in Austin

Dec 29, 2014
Austin American Statesman

The Texas Legislature will consider adding to Austin’s building boom with two new state office buildings

State lawmakers last year authorized the construction, but Gov. Rick Perry vetoed the measure

Sen. Kevin Eltife, R-Tyler, who championed the idea, said he will try again in the upcoming session

The state leases 1.2 million square feet of office space in Austin, according to the Texas Facilities Commission, at an annual cost of $17.8 million

The state agency is recommending the construction of an office building and garage in the Capitol complex and a second one at the health and human services complex in North Austin

In the Capitol complex, the agency is recommending a 360,000-square-foot building on 15th Street, between Lavaca and Colorado streets, and underground parking with 1,666 spaces

It would be the first new office building in the Capitol complex since 2000

The cost is estimated at $174 million, but the new building would eliminate five of the state’s 21 leases in Austin, for annual savings of $4.4 million, according to the agency

In North Austin, the agency is recommending a 406,000-square-foot building and parking garage with 2,396 spaces at a cost of $186.5 million. The building on West Guadalupe Street would save $6 million a year in leases, the agency estimates

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