New Zealand tech company opens Austin office

Sep 12, 2014
Austin American Statesman

A New Zealand company that develops wireless power systems is opening a new U.S. headquarters in Austin, company officials said Thursday

PowerbyProxi is looking to close soon on 3,000 square feet of office space in Northwest Austin, said vice president of product management Robert McCormick, who was formerly with Intel

The Austin branch, which currently stands at four employees, will be focused on customer support, McCormick said

The location will focus on expanding PowerbyProxi’s technical customer interface as well as pursuing further product implementation and commercialization. McCormick wouldn’t estimate how large the office might eventually grow

“It takes an interesting skillset, which we feel like we can pull out of the Austin site,” McCormick said

PowerbyProxi develops wireless power solutions for consumer electronics and industrial markets. Its technology allows multi-device charging on the consumer end and helps reduce wear and tear on machinery in sometimes tough industrial environments

The Austin branch comes as the company expands its U.S. footprint, said PowerbyProxi CEO Greg Cross

“Austin is the ideal location for access to great tech talent—from engineering to program management and operations—as we continue to build out our team and innovate in the wireless power space,” Cross said

Within the second half of this year, PowerbyProxi has a few industrial products that will go into full commercial launch, McCormick said

On the commercial side, the company is working with semiconductor partners to implement its technologies. Samsung Electronics Co., the South Korean electronics giant, is an investor in PowerbyProxi

McCormick said the company is also looking at how to grow in the wearable devices market

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