Opportunity Austin: 2013 was best year for luring companies

Mar 6, 2014
Austin American Statesman

The Austin metro area enjoyed its best year with 51 corporate relocations in 2013, capping a decade-long climb out of the tech bust, Opportunity Austin’s members were told Wednesday

Opportunity Austin, the five-county region’s economic development arm, celebrated its first 10 years at a breakfast meeting Wednesday. The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce launched Opportunity Austin in 2004 as an initiative to spur regional economic growth

Over that time, the Austin metro area added 206,800 jobs and persuaded 307 corporate relocations as part of its efforts to diversify the regional economy. That’s a far cry from the early 2000s, when the region lost 40,000 of its best paying jobs, said Dave Porter, senior vice president of economic development for the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce

In 2013, about 23,700 jobs were added. The 51 corporate relocations — 20 more than in 2012 — accounted for 5,301 of them. Expansions at 62 regional companies tracked by Opportunity Austin contributed 6,500

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