Patent acquisitions to help SignaCert grow business

Sep 20, 2013
Austin Business Journal

A technology security company bought patents and software of a Florida company and now plans to grow from its Austin-based headquarters

SignaCert Inc. was founded in Portland in 2004 and acquired by Florida-based Harris Corp. in 2010. But Harris sold off its tech security-related intellectual property in late 2012 to Austin-based CEO Toney Jennings, who is now positioning the company to capture a measure of the information technology compliance and security market

SignaCert employs six workers but plans to double that by the end of the year. The company, which targets businesses that operate thousands of personal computers, protects customer networks by pre-approving programs and users — a practice called white listing as opposed to blacklisting, which is based on creating a list of banned programs and users

Since computer hackers are constantly creating methods of gaining unauthorized access, keeping up with the blacklisted methods is an endless — and seemingly futile — tactic. Whitelisting is a more efficient strategy, Jennings said

CoreTrace — which was founded in 2000 and moved to Austin from the Philadelphia area in 2007 — developed antivirus software for governmental agencies and businesses. It employed 35 workers

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