Plans for Brackenridge hospital site entering second phase

Oct 13, 2014
Austin Business Journal

Central Health officials will hold a public meeting in Austin in November to hear public input and proposals on the next use for the 14-acre site of the University Medical Center Brackendridge campus downtown. The Brackenridge hospital will be decommissioned in 2017 when the new Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas is completed

The exact date of the meeting has yet to be finalized

A mixed-use development is all but certain for the site, with uses that complement the new Dell Medical School and the new hospital as a priority. That use will be intended in part to mirror the effect of the medical and business interplay in the Mission Bay area of San Francisco that was redeveloped around the University of California San Francisco

Christie Garbe, Central Health’s vice president and chief strategy officer, told Austin Business Journal that a recent trip by Austin leaders by the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce to Mission Bay prompted lots of discussion about the possibilities for the Brackenridge campus and the area around the intersection of 15 th and Trinity streets

That area has come to be known as the “innovation district” and is seen as ripe for redevelopment of retail, office and living space to accommodate medical school and hospital staff

“With Mission Bay they had 300 acres compared to the 14 we have with Brackenridge, but we want to bring in all the accommodating resources that will need to be near the school and the hospital,” Garbe said. “The concept with the innovation zone is that we want to build a place where you have people interfacing and collaborating from lots of different disciplines because that’s how innovation really tends to happen.”

Central Health, a state-sponsored network of health care services in Travis County, has a Phase 1 report on possible long-term uses for the Brackenridge campus on its website

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