Querium in Austin raises first half of financing goal

Jul 25, 2014
Austin Business Journal

Querium Corp., an Austin-based eLearning company, reported raising $720,223 of a planned $1.4 million financing

The company collected the capital from six investors, according to a Thursday filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Querium, which launched in 2013, is developing an adaptive learning program designed to enable prospective Texas college students to prepare for the new, state-mandated placement test: the TSI Assessment

CEO Kent Fuka is also the chairman of Austin-based Thinkwell Corp. and the president of KNCL Management Inc., a consulting firm for technology startups, according to his online profile

In October 2013, the company reported raising $278,895 of a planned $550,000 financing from five investors. In March 2013, it collected $200,000 of a planned $250,000 financing from two investors, according to SEC filings

Last year, Querium said it appointed Dr. Jamo Rubin to its board of directors. Rubin is founder and CEO of TAV Health, a San Antonio-based organization that provides tools and services to its members to help them navigate the health care system. He previously founded health care software companies Medical Present Value and PTRX, both of which were acquired in 2011, executives said

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