Realty Austin, Foundation Communities raise big funds for affordable housing

Jan 15, 2015
Austin Business Journal

Realty Austin and Foundation Communities Inc. have raised more than $1.2 million in pledges to fund affordable housing projects in the Austin area

The fundraising haul, announced Wednesday, came from an annual fundraiser at Capital Studios, a new 135-unit affordable housing complex designed to prove housing for the homeless

"The work Foundation Communities accomplishes is tremendous and something we are proud to support. They serve an important role in our community for our neighbors who struggle," said Realty 

Austin co-owner Yvette Boatwright in an announcement

The latest round of pledges represents a 50 percent increase in funds raised over previous years, according to the statement

"Realty Austin is a valuable partner to our organization as we move forward with our dreams for the future. We are humbled by the outpouring of support by their team who make it possible 

for us to better serve the community," said Walter Moreau, executive director of Foundation Communities, in the announcement

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