Simmons, Ochoa Named Real Estate Forum Future Leaders

Sep 19, 2013
Globe St

Kristi Simmons and Jessica Ochoa are two of 20 young commercial real estate professionals nationwide who have already made a mark in the industry, though they might not have a long track record. This is an an HTML version of an article that ran in the July/August 2013 issue of Real Estate Forum. To see the original story and other Women of Influence, click here.

Currently a broker in Aquila’s corporate services division, Kristi Simmons has worked for Hart Land Real Estate and Staubach and Co. during her 12-year career

She achieved her personal best revenue at year-end 2012 and became part of SIOR. She was involved in a 49,000-square-foot lease with RGM Advisors and Qualcomm’s 54,000-foot Northwest Austin renewal and expansion, among other notable deals.

In terms of women in the industry, Simmons says, “It’s very valuable to have a team consisting of both men and women. It was not long ago that women in CRE served in an administrative or research role. Today, they’re leading brokerage offices and taking the lead on complex assignments.”

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