Software maker Jumpshot acquired by Czech company

Sep 24, 2013
Austin Business Journal

Computer management software maker Jumpshot Inc. has been acquired by a company based in the Czech Republic

Officials at Avast Software AS announced Tuesday they bought Austin-based Jumpshot

Jumpshot, which launched in 2010, completed a crowdfunding campaign on that generated more than $140,000 to launch its product after listing a funding goal of $25,000

Avast, which operates an office in California, develops antivirus software. The company has roots to 1988 and now employs more than 300 workers, according to its website

In May, CEO David Endler said Jumpshot had run more than 12,000 scans on more than 8,000 unique systems and removed more than 200,000 bloatware applications, cleaned 10 percent of them from resistant malware and reported that 5 percent of the hard drives were about to fail

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