Some Austin office buildings may soon add off-site parking

Oct 1, 2013
Austin Business Journal

Businesses in some parts of Austin may get more access to parking, thanks to a city code change working its way to city council

The code amendment would allow off-site accessory parking, or the use of the site to provide parking for other properties, for properties zoned limited office. The move could allow a limited number of office property owners to meet parking requirements by sending cars to other properties, according to city documents

Property zoned limited office is used for commercial space, but is less dense than the city's general office designation. Limited office spaces are a maximum of three stories tall with a floor to area ratio of 0.7:1, according to city rules

The so-called limited office designation is often used when office space is located near residential areas, according to city documents. To protect nearby neighborhoods, property owners who wish to use off-site parking for designated office properties will have to get the city's go-ahead first

Council will address the issue at its upcoming Oct. 3 meeting. In June, council had directed the city manager to prepare the code change

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