Sports media startup Flocasts receives $8M financing

Sep 5, 2014
Austin Business Journal

Flocasts Inc., a sports media startup, reported completing an $8 million round of financing

The Austin-based company collected the capital from two investors, according to a Thursday filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

CEO Martin Floreani couldn’t immediately be reached for comment

Flocasts, founded in 2006, covers niche sports such as wrestling and track and field online. It’s also the first company for Floreani, according to his online profile

“We focus on the untapped sports market neglected by traditional media,” according to a statement on Flocasts' website. “We cover sports with a focused vertical approach. This significant market of enthusiasts and passion driven participants are craving authentic and timely content.”

In August, the company said it would broadcast the Crush Games live. The three-day fitness competition in Sunrise, Fla., included more than 1,000 athletes

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