St. Louis data analytics company moving to Austin

Jan 22, 2015
Austin American Statesman

A St. Louis-based data analytics company is in the process of pulling up stakes and moving to Austin

PotentiaMetrics, which has about 20 employees, uses proprietary databases and analytics platforms to provide predictive outcomes in the healthcare, fitness and sports fields. CEO Robert Palmer said that by next year, he hopes to be at about 50 employees in Austin

While the hot term for what the company does is “big data,” Palmer jokes that PotentiaMetrics has been in the big data business for over a decade

What his company offers that’s unusual, he said, is personalization. For example, a woman diagnosed with breast cancer could benefit from the company’s tools to help explore the outcomes of similar patients and weigh the pros and cons of different treatment options, Palmer said

PotentiaMetrics partners with the Washington University in St. Louis’ School of Medicine as well as multiple large hospital systems, including some of the top academic medical centers in the U.S., Palmer said

The company was founded in St. Louis in 2010, but Palmer said he had been considering moving out of that city. A trip to South By Southwest last year introduced him to Austin

Also, Texas’ reputation as a business-friendly state along with the presence of the University of Texas and its upcoming medical school helped make up his mind, he said

The company also provides predictive outcomes for professional sports – for instance, its models can help determine how quickly to get an injured running back into the game

Today, its primary customers are care providers and medical technology companies. Palmer himself has already moved to town; he hopes to have the company fully moved to Austin within the next six months

So far, Palmer said, the city has welcomed the company with open arms, especially personnel with the University of Texas and the Texas e-Health Alliance

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