Stealth mode Austin software maker raises funds to hire workers

Aug 5, 2014
Austin Business Journal LLC, a software maker still in stealth mode, has reported receiving a $6 million financing

The Austin-based company, which develops customer service software, plans to use the capital to hire workers, founder and CEO Douglas Hanna indicated Monday on Facebook

He confirmed the funding but declined to provide additional details about except to say it’s looking for software engineers and designers’s lead investor is Brent Oxley, the chairman of Oxley Capital and the CEO of LLC, the Houston-based Web hosting company that Oxley founded in 2002 while he was a student at Florida Atlantic University

Hanna was once the director of customer service strategy and operations at HostGator

He was previously the CEO of Austin-based Web hosting company A Small Orange from March 2010 until May. A Small Orange also operates HostNine, Cirtex, SEO Hosting and SEO Web Hosting. The company was acquired in 2012 by Massachusetts-based Endurance International Group Holdings InC., according to Hanna’s website

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