Two Austin industrial companies merge under new parent

Mar 6, 2014
Austin Business Journal

Aereon Inc. has been launched as the new parent company of Flare Industries Inc. and Jordan Technologies Inc.

The founding of Austin-based Aereon, which supplies gas and vapor combustion, handling and recovery equipment to customers in 44 countries, follows Flare's acquisition of Kentucky-based Jordan Technologies in September 2012, the company said in a news release

Dallas-based Turnbridge Capital LLC, an Aereon board member, recapitalized Flare Industries in 2011 and funded the Jordan Technologies deal

Michael Hainsworth will assume the role of president and chief executive officer of Aereon, while maintaining his current title as president of Flare, now an Aereon subsidiary along with Jordan Technologies

Flare Industries, founded in 1984, develops and installs combustion and pollution controlled technology and equipment. It employs 149 workers, including 132 in Austin

Jordan Technologies, founded in 1980, is a supplier of vapor recovery units and waste gas solutions to petroleum, petrochemical and landfill gas industries. It employs 107 workers

The combined Aereon operations have offices in the U.S., Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Australia

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