UT computing center lands $6 million for new data analytics system

Oct 8, 2013
Austin American Statesman

UT’s Texas Advanced Computing Center and its partners have been awarded $6 million in federal funding to create a new system, called Wrangler, that will assist researchers who deal with analyzing big data problems to gain scientific insights

Wrangler, which is scheduled to be in production at the start of 2015, is expected to work in conjunction with Stampede, the new generation supercomputer at TACC that started work early this year

The project involves building a data management system that will be more adroit at teasing knowledge out of many thousands of separate computer files. That system for managing and analyzing big, diverse sets of data is designed to help researchers in fields such as energy, communications, weather and global climate, basic biology, genomics, health and medicine

“Wrangler will be one of the highest performing data analysis systems every deployed and the most replicated, secure storage for the national open science community,” said Dan Stanzione, deputy director of TACC and lead investigator for the new project

Like other systems at the supercomputer center in North Austin, it will serve a national community of academic researchers. It is expected to be used by more than 1,000 researchers and students a year over its four-year career

Dell Inc. and DSSD Inc. are the two strategic technology business partners involved in the project

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