Virtual Bridges spins out software startup Cloudtools

Oct 23, 2014
Austin Business Journal

Virtual Bridges Inc. is launching a startup that's developing software designed to move virtual machines between cloud platforms

The new company, Cloudtools Inc., launched in August with software for system administrators. Virtual Bridges CEO Sam Cece is also the CEO of Cloudtools, the company disclosed Wednesday

Cloudtools employs 14 workers and its software called Shift sells for $1,500 for 10 movements, $3,575 for 25, and $6,580 for 50

Virtual Bridges, founded in 2006, develops desktop computer virtualization software designed to enable companies to centrally manage worker software. The company employed 45 workers last year. In 2010, it received a $4 million investment from Austin Ventures LP

Cece was appointed CEO in February. He was previously the CEO of StrongMail Systems Inc., a California-based company developing email marketing software. He also held several senior management positions at California-based BEA Systems Inc., which was acquired by Oracle Corp. in 2008

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