West Austin: The most educated place in Texas — and top 10 in U.S.

Sep 12, 2014
Austin Business Journal

The Lost Creek neighborhood in West Austin is the most educated place in Texas and ranks seventh in the country, according to a report by Business Insider

While we Austinites know it's not a typical Texas town — more of a posh neighborhood on the far west side — the roughly 5,000 residents there have their own census tract, and Business Insider relied on Census data and tracts to compile its map and list of the most educated towns in every state

Most of the listmakers are places just outside big cities. Lost Creek, for example, is on the west side of Loop 360 just south of Bee Caves Road. Business Insider reports that 86 percent of residents there have a bachelor's degree or higher. A few months back, Austin Business Journal Digital Editor Michael Theis compiled a map showing the neighborhoods with a high percentage of people who have earned graduate degrees, MBA's, doctorates and other professional degrees, and the results line up pretty neatly with Business Insider's findings

Riches often follow a stout education, so it's probably not surprising that the Lost Creek area recently made the Austin Business Journal's list of the wealthiest areas of Central Texas

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