Whole Foods Market preps for Chicago expansion

Jan 20, 2015
Austin Business Journal

Whole Foods Market Inc. is preparing to make a big splash in Chicago as it gets set for a major expansion there, according to reports

Whole Foods purchased seven former Chicago-area Dominick's grocery stores in prime locations last January

Now, a little more than a year later, Whole Foods is set to open those new stores. And they're packing a lot into each one, according to the Chicago Tribune, which reports that they will include whole restaurants and bars

"In any business, you constantly need to reinvent yourself," Whole Foods Midwest region President Bashaw told Crain's Chicago. "People would get bored if we do the same thing year after year. That's what's driving this, and I don't expect it to stop."

Whole Foods Market has been getting inventive with its in-store options recently. For instance, here in Texas, the company hired its first, full time, in-house brewmaster for a new store in the Houston area

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