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We don’t just talk the “customer service” talk, we walk it every day. It is our goal to consistently exceed your expectations. We truly believe in personal service, serving our clients’ interests with the highest level of integrity and accountability, interacting with tenants and employees honestly and with true caring, and dealing fairly and equitably in all transactions. One measure of our success is a portfolio currently totaling close to 3 million square feet. But the true gauge of AQUILA’s success isn’t on a yard stick... it’s found in the many long-term relationships we’ve built with our clients, tenants, employees, and vendors.

We’re On It!

Whether it’s a commercial building with office, industrial, retail, or flex space, no matter what it looks like, when it was constructed, where it is located, or how much it costs to rent, if a building isn’t well maintained, tenants will leave it just as soon as they can.

Tenant satisfaction directly affects occupancy rates, which affect monthly cash flow, and ultimately, the building’s value. At AQUILA, we understand how well-trained, responsive, and capable maintenance team can positively influence customer satisfaction. That’s why we take our maintenance services so seriously. In fact, our clients and tenants say we border on the fanatical. Whether it’s an office that’s a degree too hot or cold or dripping faucet, we’re on it!

Our Maintenance Team

Superior maintenance services start with a superior maintenance team. We strive to create a family atmosphere for every employee at AQUILA, and our maintenance staff is certainly no exception. Over the years, AQUILA has focused on recruiting the most capable and conscientious individuals to staff our maintenance teams. As a result, each member of our maintenance team displays a willingness to solve our tenants’ problems while showing pride in our work. We do everything possible to ensure that our clients and tenants experience a rare event in today’s “here today and gone tomorrow” work environment - continuity in customer care. The difference is seen in total customer satisfaction and higher tenant retention rates.

Quick Response Service Calls

AQUILA Management Services utilizes Angus Anywhere, an online service that allows tenants to quickly and easily make any maintenance request from any place, at any time. The process is simple- tenants simply log on to a password-protected account directly from the AQUILA web site. By utilizing Angus Anywhere, we enable managers to make better, more timely decisions though access to real-time data.

  • Angus Anywhere Software
  • Enhance service responsiveness
  • Increase tenant satisfaction
  • Eliminates up to 80% of all phone calls
  • Provides better asset management.
  • Standardizes life safety protocols
  • Details information tracking, record keeping, and benchmarking
  • Increases billing accuracy and revenue
  • Allows rapid dispatch and work order tracking
  • Helps mitigate exposure

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