Germer PLLC is a prominent law firm with locations in Beaumont, Houston, and Austin. AQUILA’s tenant representation team helped the firm secure a new office lease at Barton Skyway in Southwest Austin, a relocation from the firm’s existing downtown office. Before occupying the new space, the firm needed to fully demo the second-generation space and redesign the space into a contemporary law firm office that would help recruit and retain top talent and appeal to clients. 

AQUILA’s project management team facilitated a full remodel of Germer’s new space and helped construct a modern, open-concept office for them. The team worked closely with IA Architects and S. Watts Group to make Germer’s vision come to life. Most notable are the open and inviting lobby, break room, and lounge areas – all highly visible spaces for Germer’s clients. Some of the space is even convertible from larger open spaces to smaller meeting areas. This new high-end space provides Germer with a compelling space for their attorneys, staff, and clients. The project was completed on time and substantially under budget, helping Germer have a smooth transition.

More Details
Property Name One Barton Skyway
Architect Interior Architects (IA)
General Contractor S. Watts Group
Square Footage 25,369
Schedule 5 Months
Completion August 2020


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