In 2015, YETI Coolers was looking to lease a new industrial warehouse where they planned to completely build out a new innovation lab. They needed this innovation lab to test new products for durability, test climate conditions, create models of products to test out, and more.

This innovation lab required a large amount of unique heavy machinery as well as a dense server lab. Additionally, they needed a large conference room, a product display wall, and office cubicles.

YETI decided to lease space at Tech Center Southwest and shortly after AQUILA was hired to manage the build-out of the innovation center. Our team quickly went to work hiring design consultants, a general contractor, and other specialists.

A large part of the build-out included the volume of new equipment that YETI needed such as environmental chambers, a drill press, robotics, compressed air power tools, etc. YETI purchased all of the new equipment directly from their vendors, and our team coordinated all the deliveries and installations within the project schedule.

We also completely upgraded the energy efficiency of the building because of the special hot and cold testing environments inside the warehouse. Additionally, we completely removed the HVAC system and installed a brand new one because the existing unit did not have the capacity needed.

Ultimately, the project was completed on time, on budget, and met all of YETI’s expectations.

Project Details
Property Name Tech Center Southwest
Architect lauckgroup
Square Footage 30,000
Schedule 5 months
Completion July 2016


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