At AQUILA, we believe in training and mentoring the next generation of real estate professionals. To support this mission, we maintain a year-round internship program. Interns are hired each semester – spring, summer and fall.

Currently, the program is only open to current college students. To apply for an internship, please complete the application on our Careers page.

Testimonials from Past AQUILA Interns

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to intern with AQUILA during the spring semester of my senior year at UT. I learned so much about the commercial real estate industry and the Austin real estate market as a whole which will undoubtedly help me in my future career. I always felt like a valued member of the team, and my ideas were legitimately considered. I really enjoyed the fun work environment, as well as the collaborative nature of the AQUILA team. People in the office were always eager to offer help wherever it was needed.

Throughout the internship, I was able to learn new skills, such as Tableau and Hubspot, while also improving my skills using Excel and CoStar. Everything about the internship is meant to set you up for success. Overall, the whole internship was an amazing learning experience. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to intern with AQUILA this semester, and I am looking forward to maintaining the connections I made going forward in my career.”

Jack Walsh
January 2020 – May 2020



Interning at Aquila this summer has allowed me the opportunity to be fully exposed to the commercial real estate industry in ways I never thought possible in just one summer. I truly felt like every single day was productive, and no time was wasted. Everyone here was welcoming and open to any questions I had.

The position itself is incredibly immersive into what can be expected for a career path in commercial real estate. We were given real, meaningful work, we could sit in on meetings and really given the opportunity to learn as much as we could. Kirk is exceptional at teaching us the ropes as well as always challenging us with the assignments he gives. The work he gave us allowed my computer skills, research techniques, and communication skills to become much better. My experience here was awesome, and I would recommend this position to anybody wanting to see if commercial real estate is the right path for them.”

Brett Jackson | AQUILA Intern Brett Jackson
Summer 2019



My time interning at AQUILA proved to be a great, hands-on learning experience. I was welcomed by and able to work with each department in the full-service firm and had the opportunity to see a well-rounded approach to current deals on the market. I was treated remarkably well and was able to contribute early on which was tremendously rewarding. Unlike other internships, here you are put to work early with meaningful projects and are encouraged to make a difference.

I was surrounded by an extremely talented team that has created a supportive and hungry work environment. Kirk Silas, the Head of Market Research, did a fantastic job increasing my knowledge of the industry by giving me opportunities to work on current projects and sit in on many strategizing meetings. Kirk also taught me how to use a multitude of data visualization programs and tools that will be immensely helpful throughout my career. Kendall Guinn and Lauren Little, along with the rest of the Marketing Team, revealed the incredible impact that a well-trained and highly skilled team can have on its company. In addition to learning about AQUILA’s marketing strategies, I was able to further develop and improve upon my writing and communication skills, which I am very excited to continue working on during the school year. All in all, I would highly recommend this internship to any hard-working, determined individuals looking to further their knowledge of commercial real estate.”

Hayden Baker | AQUILA Intern Hayden Baker
Summer 2019



The AQUILA market research internship is a fantastic opportunity to learn the about the real estate industry from an excellent team of professionals. The AQUILA team treats their interns with respect and encourages them to make the most of their time in the position. I was very impressed by the transparency of the staff and their willingness to answer any questions I had about the industry. In addition to being great professionals, AQUILA creates a fun work environment that made me excited to come to work every day.

The market research position is a fantastic opportunity for a student looking to expand their comprehension of commercial real estate and the Austin market. During my time, I rapidly improved my computer skills, research ability, and industry knowledge/ awareness. Head of Market Research, Kirk Silas, does a great job challenging interns with interesting and engaging projects. Kirk is a phenomenal analyst and his mentorship was invaluable for an aspiring professional. Overall, I am extremely happy with my experience with AQUILA and I would encourage any student to apply for this position.”

Harrison Williams AQUILA Harrison Williams
January 2019 – May 2019



My time as an intern at AQUILA has been a valuable experience that has given me a better understanding of commercial real estate and its various intricacies. From researching comparables and helping put together quarterly reports, to attending office tours with brokers, every task I was assigned helped improve the industry skills that will help me in my career.

On top of that, the office environment is one of the best you will find, as everyone is always friendly and willing to help. A cohesive environment is conducive to positive results, and AQUILA is a great example of this!”

AJ Scheibley | AQUILA Intern AJ Scheibley
January 2019 – May 2019



Interning at AQUILA was such a great learning experience. From day one, I felt valued and very much a member of the company. Everyone was so welcoming and really made an effort to introduce themselves to me. Throughout this internship, I gained knowledge on the commercial real estate industry while developing my market research and analytical skills. I was able to work on various different projects and sit in on company meetings. I really enjoyed my time interning at AQUILA and would highly recommend this internship opportunity to others.”

Megan Uhr | AQUILA Intern Megan Uhr
January 2018-May 2018



I was lucky enough to intern at AQUILA during the spring of my junior year. It was an incredible learning opportunity and one of the most fun work environments I could imagine. AQUILA works as an incredibly efficient team performing the highest quality of work, all while maintaining a high quality of life.

In my first introduction to the Austin real estate market I improved valuable skills like Excel, Tableau and data analysis. Everyone in the office was more than willing to lend a hand if I had any questions, and even helped me identify the proper steps to take to set myself up for a successful career in real estate. AQUILA was an incredibly fun learning opportunity and I was very grateful for this opportunity!”

Daniel Spomer | AQUILA Intern Daniel Spomer
January 2018-May 2018



Having been fortunate enough to intern at AQUILA for my spring semester of my senior year, I can confidently say that the experience provided a much more seamless transition into the world of real estate. Whether I was helping with market research, the Quarterly Report, or packaging materials for broker tours, I always felt included in the AQUILA family and free to ask questions. From my very first week when I was pulled aside one afternoon to learn the main commercial real estate framework, I consistently felt challenged and thoughtfully advised.

Thanks to AQUILA, I now understand that success in a commercial real estate career is as much of a team effort as it is a personal one. While the worthwhile daily tasks were critical for broad skills training and weaving my educational experience with real world industry knowledge, I believe the exposure to the positive office atmosphere and the inclusive, family-style competitive drive is something I will forever desire to emulate in my work career. My few months at AQUILA are now the benchmark to which I compare all business endeavors, and I highly recommend pursuing the opportunity to work in such an incredible office to anyone interested in learning the field of commercial real estate.”

Devon Erickson | AQUILA intern Devon Erickson
January 2018-May 2018



Interning at AQUILA was a privilege that I will always remember. From day one, I felt included and was met with great enthusiasm from top leadership down. In my roles with market research and accounting, Patti Kocher and Kendall Guinn kept me busy with meaningful daily tasks which allowed brokers and employees to devote time to their own projects and work. Every Tuesday I was invited to sit in on broker meetings where we would discuss ongoing and prospective deals while also offering strategy and ways to acquire business.

My experience at AQUILA was important because I gained broad real estate knowledge, while also making important relationships and connections which will serve me well as I progress in my career. I highly recommend any aspiring real estate professional to give AQUILA close consideration. There you will be met by a close knit family atmosphere which cultivates a culture of innovation and top notch business solutions.”

William Hairston | AQUILA Intern William Hairston
August 2017-December 2017



During my internship, I was encouraged to delve into a variety of projects and acquire as many skills as possible (content writing, web development, event coordination, the list goes on!). AQUILA gave me the tools to explore the real estate industry from the inside out — from learning about leases to helping in the production of quarterly reports. The fast-paced environment made for a rewarding internship. Within such a cohesive and collaborative company, I found that successes are celebrated by the entire team and the opportunities for growth are endless.”

Clare Losey, AQUILA Intern, January 2016 – August 2016

AQUILA Commercial’s internship program is challenging, insightful and enjoyable. Throughout the summer I completed research for the brokers to provide to clients for potential new space. I joined team members on property tours and got first-hand experience on how to sell clients on space the brokers represent. I also got to participate in a company golf tournament and weekly lunch outings where I got to know everyone on a personal level. The people I worked for provided me with a tremendous amount of knowledge for someone who had little prior experience, but wanted to learn more about the industry. In this internship, they have high expectations of your work ethic, but will give you any help necessary to successfully complete the task.”

Spencer Staples, AQUILA Intern, Summer 2016

I had the privilege of interning at AQUILA Commercial in the summer of 2015. It was an invaluable learning experience for me and introduced me into an exciting business. The people at AQUILA provide an incredibly welcoming environment and my managers explained all my projects in detail. As an intern, I was in charge of a number of different tasks and rarely was working on the same project. The exposure to a number of jobs was an excellent introduction into the industry and provided me with skills I will continue to use in business.”

Zach Scott, AQUILA Intern, May – August 2015

The AQUILA internship experience was extremely interesting and fulfilling. Through my interactions with contacts and the various projects I worked on, I was able to learn about both the real estate industry and the Austin business community as a whole. Given AQUILA’s respectability and position as a leader in the Austin real estate world, the exposure that you will get to those in the industry and in high level positions around Austin is unlike that of any other internship experience. Before coming to AQUILA, I’ll be honest here, I didn’t really know much about commercial real estate (I graduated with a Government degree), but once my time at AQUILA was up I came away with a wealth of valuable knowledge that I know will serve me well during and after my time in the political world. Cherish your time at AQUILA because the environment (and great co-workers) will not be like what you find at most jobs; it was a fun team that supported each other and appreciated what each person brought to the table. I will look back at my time at AQUILA with fondness as one of both professional and personal growth.”

Zach Barth, AQUILA Intern, February – May 2015

Interning at AQUILA was the best decision I could have made. Not only was I surrounded by a talented group of fun, hardworking people, I was surrounded by people who were eager for me to learn. Ryan Parzick played a crucial role in helping me excel (pun intended) and analyze in-depth projects. This internship gave me excellent real estate exposure and also provided me with many opportunities moving forward in my career. I’d really like to thank the AQUILA team again for making my experience so special. The company culture and the amazing people make AQUILA the best place to intern at in Austin. Your friends will be jealous!”

Anna Owen, AQUILA Intern, May 2014 – February 2015