Deciding if you should renovate your office is a daunting decision, but attempting to oversee the process by yourself can be even more overwhelming.

At AQUILA, we understand the weight of a potential office build-out or renovation and want to help you navigate the process. Our tenant rep brokers are often asked, “Why should I hire a project manager to lead my office renovation?” If you have had this same question, you’ve come to the right place.

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Having worked on hundreds of office renovations and build-outs, as well as ground-up developments, we’ve narrowed it down to “The Big 3” benefits gained by hiring a project manager, which we will outline for you in this article.


1. Save you time so you can focus on your business goals.

A project manager’s main objective is to act as the quarterback for you and your project.

This means that the project manager will assume ownership of the project from inception to completion, help organize and lead the team that will serve your specific needs, and work to see the entire process through successfully.

A project manager will help you determine which spaces will work best for your firm, provide preliminary budgets to help the site selection and renovation process, schedule the project from design to completion, help with building permitting and soliciting vendors, select contractors and hold jobsite meetings throughout construction.

By handing the reins of the day-to-day scheduling, vendor management, and construction oversight to a project manager, your time is free to focus on your business.

To learn more about all of the steps of the office build-out process that a project manager will guide you through, check out our article What is a Project Manager & How Can They Help Manage My Office Build-Out?


2. Keep your project on time and on budget.

A project manager’s number one goal is to ensure that your project delivers on time and on budget, without compromising the quality of the work.

A project manager will work with you from before your lease is even signed to begin putting together preliminary budgets and schedules, in order to set expectations from the very beginning.

They will then help you enlist trusted and reputable vendors, including architects, general contractors, and more, that have a track record of success. Your project manager will also competitively bid out your project so that you get the most competitive price.

A good project manager will have strong vendor relationships as well as years of experience in the industry that he can leverage to ensure that no time or money is wasted in the delivery of your project.

Not only will a qualified project manager save you money, but the savings they bring to the project should far outweigh the cost to hire them.


Get your free Office Build-Out Budget Template here.

3. Mitigate any problems that arise.

With years of experience under their belt, your project manager should have a solution ready for any issue that may pop up during your build-out process.

From standard value engineering to innovative solutions to help expedite your project should an unexpected cost or an issue with the schedule arise that cannot be avoided, your project manager should have a number of ideas of ways to save money and/or get your project back on track without out compromising on quality.

For example, one easy way to save money without sacrificing high-quality design and amenities is to switch from data cabling to a wireless office network system.

An experienced project management team will respect your needs and find ways to make things work for you. Their most important priority is producing your project plan on time as you envisioned it.  

To ensure that your office renovation is finished on time and with the best results, we highly recommend hiring a project management team.

From design inception to construction delivery, AQUILA’s project management experts can relieve your renovation stress. Let us help you save time and money, without sacrificing quality.

Schedule a consultation today to speak with one of our project managers.

Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Project Manager for Your Office Build-Out

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