Amidst COVID-19, we’ve seen that many office tenants are changing what they are looking for in office space. Companies are prioritizing health and safety in their offices so that employees can return to the office with confidence. Many tenants have shifted their focus from high-density downtown space to options that offer more social-distancing-friendly features. 

In the past several months AQUILA  has had an influx of tenant interest in properties that feature amenities that entice employees to work at the office rather than at home.

Some of these highly sought-after amenities include: 

  • Ample outdoor space: Employees are spending more time outdoors and less time in crowded breakrooms. Large meetings can also be conducted more safely in open outdoor spaces.
  • Dedicated tenant entrances: By having a dedicated entrance to your building, you limit the number of people coming into contact with touch surfaces like door handles and handrails. This reduces the risk of spreading illness across companies and helps you keep your employees informed about potential health risks in your own space.
  • Low-rise buildings: Low-rise buildings eliminate the need for elevators and cramped stairwells. This makes social distancing much easier and reduces the amount of high-touch surfaces like stairway rails and elevator buttons.
  • Less dense office spaces: Less dense office spaces allow for social distancing and cleanliness. Employees are becoming more health-conscious and want to reduce unnecessary close contact with people to prevent illness.

In this article, we highlight three AQUILA-leased office properties that offer these newly popular amenities and features that set them apart.


3 Austin Office Properties With Amenities That Cater to Social Distancing

1. MetCenter II

MetCenter II is a great example of a property that has all of the sought-after amenities mentioned above. 

MetCenter II is a five-building commercial campus in Southeast Austin. It’s located just 10 minutes from both Austin’s core and the new Tesla Gigafactory and is conveniently adjacent to Austin–Bergstrom International Airport. Along with a great location, MetCenter II also offers great on-site amenities that promote the health and wellness of employers and employees.

MetCenter II | Social Distancing Properties

Healthy Features

Many of MetCenter’s amenities make it an appealing option for tenants looking for office space in the midst of COVID-19.

The buildings have great spots for employees to meet and gather outside. This can help reduce close indoor interactions and promote social distancing and provide a comfortable spot for employees to eat lunch. 

MetCenter II even offers a covered food truck area that allows employees to grab great Austin food without having to step inside a restaurant.

MetCenter II | Social Distancing Properties

In addition to outdoor meeting spots, MetCenter II also has many outdoor amenities. During breaks, employees can enjoy basketball courts, tennis courts, an 18-hole disc golf course as well as hike-and-bike trails. These great amenities can also be used for team-building exercises or company events without travel.

These types of outdoor amenities are currently in high demand as we shift away from gathering socially in small office spaces.

Social-Distancing-Friendly Features

✓ Low-rise building (one floor)

✓ Dedicated tenant entrances

✓ Outdoor meeting spaces

✓ Food truck area

✓ Basketball court

✓ Disc golf course

✓ Hike-and-bike trails

✓ Ample parking

Learn More: Take a Virtual Tour of MetCenter II Building 3

2. Penn Field

Penn Field is an award-winning adaptive reuse of a 1918-era WWI military airfield owned and managed by CIM. This 11- building campus is located off South Congress Avenue in the sought-after 78704 zip code, minutes from Austin’s iconic “SoCo” district. 

This campus features health-focused amenities to keep employers and employees at ease.

Penn Field | Social Distancing Properties

Healthy Features

Each building has dedicated tenant entrances and Buildings C, J and E even have opportunities for single-tenant leases, allowing you to control your own office environment.

The buildings with more than one floor have open stairwells to reduce the need for cramped elevators and tight staircases. This can help you avoid the need for constant cleaning of high-touch surfaces like elevator buttons, eliminate elevator wait times and help promote social distancing.

Penn Field also has beautiful outdoor terraces and courtyards with lush landscaping that allow tenants to social distance and even conduct meetings outside.

Penn Field | Social Distancing Properties

Social-Distancing-Friendly Features

✓ Low-rise building (one to two floors)

✓ Open stairwells in two-floor buildings

✓ Dedicated tenant entrances

✓ Opportunity for single-tenant building (in Buildings C, J, or E)

✓ Outdoor meeting spaces including terraces and courtyards

Learn More: Penn Field Interactive Site Plan

3. Preserve at 620

Preserve at 620 overlooks the Balcones Canyonlands and just minutes from Lake Travis. This modern office space delivers an amenity-rich experience throughout the workday to help employees feel safe.

Preserve at 620 | Social Distancing Properties

Healthy Features

Preserve at 620 is a single-story building with +/- 23-foot exposed ceiling heights. Each tenant has its own dedicated entrance and even has its own HVAC system. This ensures clean air that will be used by only your employees and reduced contact with people outside of your company. 

Preserve at 620 also has many outdoor amenities. There are approximately 5,000 sf of indoor/outdoor courtyards that are great for eating lunch, having meetings or just taking a break. Another great feature is the pocket park and dog-run. Preserve at 620 is a dog-friendly office and is designed to be spacious with dedicated outdoor space as well.

Preserve at 620 | Social Distancing Properties

Preserve at 620 also has open floor plans and dedicated tenant entrances. These features help promote social distancing and reduce the spread of illness from one tenant to another.

Social-Distancing-Friendly Features

✓ Low-rise building (one office floor with a view deck on the second floor)

✓ Dedicated tenant entrances

✓ Open floor plans

✓ High ceilings

✓ Pocket park

✓ Dog run

✓ +/- 5,000 SF indoor/outdoor courtyards

✓ Dedicated tenant HVAC systems (no shared air)

✓ Ample parking

✓ Basketball court

Learn More in This Video: Experience Preserve at 620 | Modern Office Space Overlooking the Balcones Canyonlands


If you have any questions about these properties, please contact the leasing agents listed on the property pages. 

Or, if you’d like to discover more options, we recommend engaging a tenant representation broker to assist you in the search process.

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