AQUILA has added a new partner to its ranks, and though the press release spells out the details, we thought it would be fun to give you a more personal look at Jon. Here are five things you need to know about AQUILA’s newest partner:

Jon Wheless AQUILA Commercial | Tenant Representation Broker

1) He’s our very own Cinderella story.

Jon started at AQUILA as a lowly intern and fought his way up the ladder to partner.

After interning throughout college at The Staubach Company (then JLL), Jon followed founding partner Jay Lamy over to his new fledgling firm, AQUILA, in 2008. He put in 8+ years of hard work, first as an intern, then was hired on as a junior broker and moved up the ranks to associate, then VP, before finally becoming a partner.

The difference between Jon and Cinderella is there was no at work magic here. Just a great attitude and lots of hard work.

Jon Wheless | AQUILA Commercial | Tenant Representation Broker Austin, Texas

2) Jon is loyal.

Loyalty is a key ingredient for anyone who becomes a part of the AQUILA family. Jon’s loyalty is proved by his utter dedication to his favorite sports teams.

Jon is a die-hard Texas Longhorn fans. He hosts a tailgate for every home game with his friends, and he hasn’t missed a Red River Showdown in over 15 years. Now that’s commitment.

Now let’s see if he can maintain the same attendance record for partners meetings.

Jon Wheless | AQUILA Commercial | Tenant Representation Broker Austin, Texas


3) Jon’s mom (still) doesn’t know what he does.

Jon credits his mother and father for his killer work ethic and early success. “I saw my parents both work tirelessly and selflessly for years in order to afford my siblings and me the privilege of attending the best schools from Pre-K through college (that we could get into, anyway…). I try to mimic this effort and drive that I witnessed growing up in my own career, day-in and day-out.”

But even though he’s one of Austin’s fastest rising commercial real estate brokers, and has an impressive client roster with names such as Main Street Hub, Snow Software and The University of Texas, Jon’s mom still doesn’t fully understand how he makes a living.

We’ll give Mrs. Wheless a pass here, but if you’re still sure not sure what we do here at a AQUILA, visit our tenant representation page for a quick refresher.

4) Jon is NOT AQUILA’s youngest partner.

At the ripe age of 30, one would think Jon might win the title of the youngest person to make partner at AQUILA. Such is not the case. That title goes to both Chad Barrett, who helped found the company just months before his 29th birthday, and Ben Tolson, who was named partner at 28.

As you can tell by our sprightly leaderships team, AQUILA’s not one of those firms where you have to have grey hair to become a partner, and that’s the way we like it. Our leaders reward hard work, and Jon has more than proved himself.

Jon Wheless | AQUILA Commercial | Tenant Representation Broker Austin, Texas


5) This isn’t the only lifelong commitment he’s making in 2017.

It might be surprising to learn, but accepting partnership at AQUILA will not be the most exciting part of Jon’s year. In July, Jon will marry his blonde bombshell of a fiance, Meredith, in her hometown of San Luis Obispo, California. The pair will travel to Greece & Croatia for their honeymoon.

So, next time you see Jon, you can congratulate him on his partnership and his impending nuptials!  

Everyone at AQUILA is excited and proud to have Jon as a partner. We know he’ll keep up the hard work, and we can’t wait to see what his next decade here holds!

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