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Welcome to Four Points, a growing neighborhood in Northwest Austin just minutes away from Lake Travis.

Four Points is located at the intersection of two prominent Austin roadways, FM 620 and RM 2222. Thanks to these roadways, scenic views of the Texas Hill Country, and convenient access to North Austin, companies are finding their way to Four Points.

In this article, we will guide you through everything you need to know about Four Points including:


Where is Austin’s Four Points Neighborhood?

Four Points is located about 15 miles northwest of Downtown Austin, at the intersection of FM 620 and RM 2222. 

For the purposes of this article, we’re including information on the 78730, 78726, and 78732 neighborhoods.


What are the key demographics of the Four Points area?

According to data from Esri, residents of Four Points under the age of 18 make up approximately 27.2% of the total population. People aged 18 to 64 make up approximately 63.15% of the population, and approximately 9.65% of the population is 65 or older. The median age of the population residing in Four Points is 36.2.

Age of Four Points Population
< 18 Years of Age 27.2%
18 to 64 Years of Age 63.15%
> 65 Years of Age 9.65%

Source: Esri, September 2023

According to Esri, approximately 98% of Four Points’ population hold a high school degree or higher, and 82% of the city’s population holds a bachelor’s degree or higher. The Four Points population average of those with a bachelor’s degree or higher (82%) is significantly higher than the state of Texas (30.7%), and even the Austin average (53.4%).

Four Points Demographics Compared to Austin and Texas
Four Points, TX Austin, TX State of Texas
High School Graduate or higher  99.2% 90.6% 84.4%
Bachelor’s degree or higher 75% 55.1% 31.5%
Median Household Income $152,165 $78,965 $67,321

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, and Esri, September 2023

The median household income for the Four Points area is $152,165, significantly higher than the state average of $67,321 and the Austin average of $78,965.


What makes Four Points an attractive place for people to live?

Four Points is a nice escape from the bustling city center but is still close to North Austin and nearby suburbs like Cedar Park, Pflugerville, and Lake Travis.

Housing Prices in Four Points, Texas

According to, the median housing price in Four Points is around $842,000.

Median Housing Price Price Per SF
78730 $1,310,000 $353
78726 $625,000 $288
78732 $945,000 $282
Austin, Texas $555,000 $320
Texas $489,000 $180

Source:, September 2023

Schools in the Four Points Area

Four Points sits within the Leander school district and is bordered by Lake Travis ISD and Eanes ISD. Eanes ISD is the top school district in the Austin area, followed by Leander ISD at number two and Lake Travis ISD at five.

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Eanes ISD currently has 7,834 students enrolled with a 0.3% drop-out rate and over 35% of the teachers in the district hold advanced degrees. Of those who graduated high school in 2019, 99% were accepted to colleges. Leander ISD currently has over 40,000 students enrolled across 45 campuses and boasts 41 National Merit Scholars among other prestigious awards. Lake Travis ISD has around 11,409 students enrolled and was selected as a finalist in the Small District category as part of HEB’s 2017 Excellence in Education Awards program.


What is there to do in the Four Points area?

Four Points is located right in the heart of Hill Country and Lake Travis, a popular reservoir on the Colorado River. Four Points is surrounded by popular golf courses and other lake-side features.

Lake Travis

If you’re looking to hit the water, look no further. Lake Travis is the best spot in Austin for boating, swimming, skiing, and any other lake activities. Not a fan of the water? Check out Tom Hughes Park, a popular spot on the edge of Lake Travis. This park is perfect for hiking due to its large area, rugged terrain, and primitive trails, and allows for swimming and sunbathing. Other great wildlife attractions near Four Points include River Place Nature Trail and West Bull Creek Greenbelt.

The Oasis on Lake Travis

Known as the Sunset Capital of Texas, this jewel of Hill Country offers stunning views along the lake line of Lake Travis. With 30,000 square feet of space, this location is known as the largest outdoor restaurant in Texas and offers multiple shops, live music venues, and community events. The Oasis is available for private events and holds events like the Sunset Bell, Sunset Photo Contest, and Lover’s Lock.

Golf Courses

If you like to hit the green on your lunch break, Four Points has what you need. Four Points is home to River Place Country Club as well as UT Golf Club and is only minutes away from Great Hills Country Club.


What kind of businesses are located in the Four Points area?

Although Four Points is a growing neighborhood and several local businesses and corporations are located in the area. The largest employers in the Four Points area are Sailpoint Technologies, BigCommerce, iA American Warranty Group, Corning, and Target. 


What are the main reasons tenants choose to locate their businesses in the Four Points area?

Location and Roadways

Four Points is located right at the intersection of FM 620 and RM 2222. These two roads lead directly to major outlets like Austin (North Austin by following FM 620, and Downtown by following RM 2222), Cedar Park, and Leander

Four Points is also right in the center of the Northwest submarket. Much of Austin’s workforce is moving to Austin’s North Austin neighborhoods and suburbs such as Cedar Park and Steiner Ranch. 

By acting as a center point for the greater northwest and Austin, Four Points is also in the perfect position to travel to and from. People who work in Northwest Austin but live in central Austin will have the benefit of a reverse commute, avoiding the bulk of Austin’s heavy traffic.


Due to high traffic from both 620 and 2222, and peaking developments in the area, Four Points is expanding from a mere community to a boomtown. Business parks in the area are benefitting from the close proximity to Noth Austin and surrounding suburbs. 

Various business parks are springing up in the area including River Place Centre, Twenty Two Twenty Two Business Park, Four Points Centre, and Business Park Place.


Who are the largest tenants in the Four Points area?

Four Points has been rapidly growing over the past several years, especially in regard to the office developments in the area.

Office Tenants in Four Points

Tenant SF Occupied Property
SailPoint Technologies, Inc. 164,818 Four Points Centre Bldg 3
D.R. Horton 136,245 Pecan Park Bldg 2
Q2 Holdings 128,990 Aspen Lake Three
Indeed 218,800 6433 N Champion Grandview Way
Office Depot 101,045 Amber Oaks H
Zimmer Biomet 89,206 Aspen Lake One

Retail Tenants in Four Points

Tenant SF Occupied Property
Walmart 199,962 13201 N Ranch Road 620 N
H-E-B 76,594 Four Points Centre – Four Points Shopping Centre
Walgreens 14,265 6911 Ranch Road 620 N
Rudy’s “Country Store” & Bar-B-Q 6,948 7709 N FM 620 N


What are the largest properties in the Four Points area?

Four Points is located right at the intersection of FM 620 and RM 2222. These two roads receive high volumes of traffic and lead directly to major outlets like Austin (North Austin by following FM 620, and Downtown by following RM 2222), Cedar Park, and Leander

Four Points is also right in the center of the Northwest submarket. By acting as a center point for the greater northwest and Austin, Four Points is in the perfect position to travel to and from, leading to some notably large sites.

Large Office Space in Four Points

The Four Points area is home to Brandywine Realty’s Four Points Center. This development consists of three existing office buildings, home to Sailpoint and BigCommerce, and a fourth planned building – Four Points IV.

Four Points IV will feature 170,000 square feet of space, including 360-views of the Hill Country, outdoor decks, and building amenities like on-site bike storage and fitness centers. 

Another prominent office campus in the area is River Place. Another Brandywine project, this Class A office park consists of seven buildings across 48 acres.

Additionally, Preserve at 620 is another noteworthy office project in the area. This award-winning, modern office redevelopment overlooks the Balcones Canyonlands and is just minutes from Lake Travis. 

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Looking for office space in Austin? Check out Four Points IV


Four Points may have started out as a travel stop on the way to Lake Travis, but this community has been quickly growing. Thanks to recent developments in both office and retail spaces and scenic views of the Texan Hill Country, Four Points is becoming a major contender in new locations for companies to establish roots.

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