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1. Where is Austin, Texas? What are the major submarkets?

Austin, the capital of Texas, is located in Central Texas. Click here to see the distance to major cities from Austin.

Austin Office Submarkets Map

This map shows the major office submarkets in Austin.

You can access the PDF version of the map here.

Austin Industrial Submarkets Map

This map shows the major industrial submarkets in and around Austin. You can access the PDF version of this map here.


2. What are the most frequently asked questions about Austin?

FAQs About Austin, Texas

In this article, we answer the following FAQs about Austin:


3. What is the job market like in Austin?

Austin Economic Dashboard

Wondering how Austin’s economy and commercial real estate market are performing? We have compiled – and will continue to update – this dashboard to help navigate the data surrounding our city’s commercial real estate market.

Specifically, you will find a collection of relevant data points that should help paint a picture of how Austin’s economy, the U.S. economy, and Austin’s CRE market are performing.


4. What are the largest companies in Austin?

What Are the Largest Companies in Austin, Texas Today?

Updated annually, this article shows the largest office occupiers in Austin, Texas based on square footage.


5. Why is Austin such a great place for business?

Austin Tops the Charts: Austin, Texas Rankings

We all know Austin has experienced an explosive amount of growth in recognition over the past several years. In this article, we explore different factors influencing future growth and have compiled useful information on areas where Austin outperforms other major cities.

We expand on three reasons why Austin continues to be an attractive place for companies and professionals, including:

  1. Austin’s thriving tech ecosystem
  2. Austin’s depth of higher education options
  3. Austin’s appeal to STEM professionals and millennials

Austin’s latest rankings can be seen here:


6. What are Austin’s popular neighborhoods?

Downtown Austin (CBD)


East Austin


Northwest Austin


South Austin


West Austin


7. What suburbs are around Austin?

Round Rock

Round Rock is located 15 miles north of Downtown Austin, straddling IH-35. Round Rock is considered a part of the Greater Austin metropolitan area.


Pflugerville is located 18 miles northeast of Austin, between IH-35 and SH-130, near the TX-45 intersection.

Cedar Park

Cedar Park is located approximately 16 miles northwest of Austin along US-183, north of Toll Road 45. Cedar Park is bordered by Leander to the north, Round Rock to the east and Austin to the south.


Kyle is located 29 miles south of Austin, along IH-35 between Austin and San Marcos.


Georgetown is located 30 miles north of Downtown Austin. Georgetown centers along IH-35, encompassing the intersections of SH 130 and Hwy 29.


Taylor is located 29 miles northeast of Austin, along Highway 79 east of Round Rock and Hutto at the intersection SH-95.


Buda is located 15 miles south of Austin.



Hutto is located 22 miles northeast of Austin along Highway 79 at the intersection of SH 130, just east of Round Rock and west of Taylor.


Lockhart is located in Caldwell County, 30 miles south of Downtown Austin and sits between Austin and San Antonio, along SH 130 / HWY 183, which also connects conveniently to I-10.


Leander is located 22 miles northwest of Austin, along US-183 between Cedar Park and Liberty Hill.


8. What is there to do in Austin?

Austin, Texas Events Calendar: Your Guide to the City’s Annual Festivals, Events and More

With countless local events, it can be tough to keep track of exactly what’s happening each month. That’s why we’ve pulled together our Austin expertise for this comprehensive month-by-month guide to all the major annual events that take place in Austin.

Jump to a specific month: January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December

Downtown Austin

South congress

East Austin

The Domain


The Best Things to Do at the Austin, Texas Airport (ABIA)


9. How does Austin compare to other major cities?

California vs. Austin

In this article, we look at office rental rates in Austin vs. California based on:

  • Cost-per-square-foot
  • Cost-per-employee

Miami vs. Austin

we compiled four main points of comparison between Austin and Miami:

  • Real estate costs and availability
  • Access to employees
  • Established infrastructure and capital
  • Cost of living and culture

New York vs. Austin

In this article, we compare Austin and New York in terms of:

  • Rental rates
  • Cost per employee
  • Quality of living
  • Culture

How Does Austin Compare to Other Major U.S. Cities?

In this 1Q 2022 special report, we take a look at how Austin compares to other major markets today across a variety of topics, including:

  • Commercial real estate market
  • Demographics
  • Job market


10. What does Austin’s commercial real estate market look like?

How Much Does It Cost to Lease Office Space in Austin, Texas? (Rental Rates, Pricing)

How Much Does It Cost to Lease Industrial Space in Austin, Texas? (Rental Rates)

To answer this question, we’ve compiled a detailed look into:

  • What makes up industrial rental rates
  • What average rental rates are today

What Are Operating Expenses for Office Space in Austin, Texas?

In this article, we take a detailed look at average opex rates in Austin’s primary office submarkets.

What Are Vacancy Rates in Austin, Texas?

In this article, we’ve taken a detailed look into:

  • How vacancy is calculated
  • What vacancy rates are today in Austin’s major submarkets

Zoning Districts in Austin, TX: What They Are & How They Affect Your Property

In this article, we explain:

  • Zoning districts in Austin, Texas
  • The three main components of zoning
  • Development restrictions within zoning districts
  • How to find out what a property is zoned
  • What zoning could mean for you and your property

What Are Typical Tenant Improvement Allowances in Austin, Texas?

In this article, we outline typical TI allowances per square foot (SF) for different leasing scenarios in Austin based on AQUILA’s proprietary lease comp database.

What Are Commercial Property Tax Rates in Williamson and Hays County, Texas?

We answer the following questions in this article:

  • Who sets property taxes in Williamson and Hays County?
  • Which jurisdictions can affect these rates?
  • How are tax rates calculated?
  • How to find the tax rate for a specific property?


11. What buildings are currently under construction or planned in Austin?

Downtown Austin

East Austin

South Austin

Industrial Developments


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