Is your leasing team effectively marketing your commercial property?

When you hire a commercial brokerage firm to lease and market your property, there are certain marketing materials that should be provided as a part of their standard marketing package in order to effectively market your project. 

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In this article, we outline the basic marketing materials and marketing tactics that your leasing firm should provide, so that you can make sure your property marketing checks all the boxes.


1. A Standard Property Marketing Flyer

The first thing that your firm should provide is a flyer or brochure. These are usually designed in the leasing firm’s standard flyer template.

This flyer will be used for all aspects of property marketing – it will be available for download online and on property listing sites, distributed to inquiring tenant rep brokers, shared with prospective tenants, and more. 

 Property marketing flyers should generally include:

  • High-quality photos or renderings of the property
  • Location map
  • Map highlighting surrounding amenities, access, or other pertinent information
  • A list of property features and highlights
  • Leasing contact information
  • Any available site plans or floorplans detailing typical floors or specific availability
  • In some cases, the flyer may also include rental rates, demographic information, parking details, etc.

A standard AQUILA property marketing flyer for Hartland Plaza.

If you don’t have high-quality photos or renderings of your property, these will typically need to be contracted through a third-party photographer or visualization firm

In some cases, it may make sense to create a custom brand and marketing materials for your property, outside of the leasing firm’s standard template. In this case, a third-party branding agency will need to be engaged to establish this identity. Below, you can see examples of custom marketing materials for Eastlake at Tillery, Mueller Business District, and more. 


Your brokerage firm’s marketing team should be able to lead this branding initiative and maintain the campaign once brand standards and templates have been produced.


2. Property Listing Page on the Leasing Firm’s Website

One of the primary ways your property will be found online will be through the listing page on the leasing firm’s website. 

The property listing page should, at a minimum, feature all of the information that is included on the flyer (including images, details, maps, contact information, etc.), a link to download the flyer, and links to the leasing brokers’ emails. 

How To Market A Commercial Property | Listing

Additionally, quality listing pages will feature interactive maps, an inquiry form for interested tenants and brokers to reach out directly, current availability and asking rates, and more. 

This page is also an opportunity to show off any extra marketing materials you have for your property; a property website, video, virtual tour, etc. should all be linked to or incorporated into your site. 



3. Leasing Sign at Your Property

Even in the age of technology, we can’t forget the impact of traditional marketing. What better way to tell the world that your property is available for lease than a physical sign on the site? 

A property leasing sign should be placed in front of your property to grab the attention of people driving or walking by. 

Unless a third-party agency is engaged or another template already exists, these are usually designed in the leasing firm’s standard sign template. Your leasing firm’s marketing team should handle the design and coordinate the execution of these signs with their sign company.

PRoperty Signs | How To Market A Commercial Property

It is common for a basic leasing sign to be paid for by the leasing agency; however, depending on the project and sign requirements, there may be an additional cost incurred by the landlord. The details should be clearly defined in your listing agreement. 


4. Listing on Commercial Real Estate Listing Sites

Your leasing firm should update and maintain your property listing on prominent commercial real estate listing sites like CoStar. These sites are a broker’s first stop when searching for available spaces for their clients.

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5. Inclusion in Leasing Firm’s Available Inventory Report

All major leasing agencies produce and distribute a monthly inventory report that details what properties they are representing, what is available at these properties, asking rates, and more. 

This inventory report should be available on the firm’s website and distributed to the brokerage community on a monthly basis. 

Your leasing firm should have your property listed in this available inventory report. 


6. A Virtual Tour

A virtual tour allows prospective tenants and tenant rep brokers to tour a space on their computer or mobile device.

Virtual tours allow prospects and brokers to experience your space from wherever they are – be it down the road or across the country.

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With the rise of COVID-19 and the resulting stay-home orders and travel restrictions in 2020, virtual property tours went from a nice-to-have marketing tool to a must-have.

While some pandemic trends may fade out as the world reopens, we don’t anticipate virtual tours losing their value.

Previously, a tenant may have gone to walk through as many as 10 to 15 properties on their initial round of tours. Now, decision-makers can tour these spaces virtually, and then visit a reduced shortlist. Additionally, out-of-town stakeholders can be involved early on without having to make multiple trips. This saves prospects time and money.

According to a study by real estate technology company VTS, 80% of people preferred to take a virtual tour of a space to narrow down their search before touring in person. Additionally, 100% of people expect to see a virtual tour and floorplan before committing to an in-person tour.

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While all the items listed above are the standard marketing materials that should be provided by your property leasing firm, their marketing team should also be available to provide ongoing support and be willing to help you execute new ideas and a number of additional marketing initiatives.

Additional marketing initiatives might include:

Be aware, these additional initiatives will likely require you to come out of pocket with some marketing dollars to cover third-party agency costs, supplies, advertising budgets, etc. 

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Your property’s marketing team should be able to provide pricing estimates for these and source trustworthy vendors to execute these projects.  

If your leasing firm is not providing these basic marketing materials, it may be time for you to hire a new leasing team

This article was updated on 12/23/2020. This article was originally published on January 30, 2020. 

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