To see what companies came to Austin in 2023, read our article The Industries and Companies That Came to Austin in 2023.

Another year, another in-depth look at the industries and companies that came to Austin. If you read our articles in 2020, you know that Austin has been a popular spot for company relocations and expansion. This year we’re glad to say that the momentum continued.

Using the Austin Chamber’s Relocation and Expansions Log, in this article we take a look at:

  • Companies that came to Austin or grew in Austin in 2022
  • Growth of industries in Austin in 2022
  • New headquarters in Austin in 2022


Companies That Came to Austin or Grew in Austin in 2022

Although Austin didn’t experience as much growth this year as it did in 2021 (11,222 jobs announced in 2022 versus 24,535 in 2021), the city continued to expand its employment options. Of the 117 companies tracked by the Austin Chamber as of this writing, 66 expanded their existing Austin footprint, and 51 relocated to Austin from elsewhere. 

Many of the jobs announced this year could be credited to CelLink, a circuit manufacturer that announced plans to open a manufacturing facility in Georgetown and hire roughly 2,000 employees. TikTok came in second with its announcement of 750 jobs and a 126,000-square-foot lease at 300 Colorado.

Companies That Created the Most Jobs in Austin in 2022


Growth of Austin Industries in 2022

Another interesting data point to look at is the distribution of these newly announced jobs across industries. To do this, we grouped each company into one of six primary industries. While industry groupings can be debatable and some companies may fit into multiple industries, these groupings at least give us a simplified picture of the types of jobs that have increased in Austin over the past year.

Industries That Created the Most Jobs in Austin in 2022

Thanks in large part to jobs attributed to CelLink, the manufacturing and logistics industry made up a little less than half of the total jobs on this year’s list. This is in contrast to last year when the manufacturing and logistics industry made up only 12% of total jobs. As expected, the tech industry continues to be a major contributor of jobs to Austin, making up 24.6% this year compared to 29.9% last year.


New Headquarters in Austin in 2022

In addition to total jobs and relevant industries, another interesting stat to analyze is the number of company headquarters added to Austin over the previous 12 months. Again using the Austin Chamber’s list, we can see that a total of 61 (52%) of company relocations or expansions were designated as headquarters. 



While total jobs may have been fewer this year, it is clear that companies still view Austin as a great city to expand their business, open a new location, or establish a company headquarters. With another year of this analysis under our belt, we can’t wait to see what 2023 will hold.


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