Conversations with my daughter, a freshman at The University of Texas, can sometimes get lost in translation. She texts me a string of letters like LOL, SMH, TYSM and IMO, and I sit there trying to play with the letters in my head to figure out what she might be saying, only to resort to Google (or just plain asking her what she means).

When talking to friends and colleagues outside of the commercial real estate world, I find they have the same problem when speaking to those of us in the industry. The jargon and abbreviations that we speak fluently, lead to blank stares and confused faces when talking with non-industry folks. Listening to a steady stream of  “Cap Rate”, “NNNs” and “IRRs”, can be intimidating and present a barrier to entry for the average person looking to invest in commercial real estate.

Investing in commercial real estate can be a lucrative business if you understand what makes a commercial real estate investment notable. AQUILA’s Commercial Real Estate Investing 101 guide can get even the average joe up to speed on the pertinent vocab and top commercial real estate investment strategies.

Once your up to speed, the AQUILA Commercial Real Estate Investment Team is ready to put your new knowledge into practice. Reach out to our brokers today to determine what commercial real estate investment type best fits your interests and to get an inside look at what options are on the market today.

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Joe Simmons | Commercial Real Estate Investment Broker in Austin, Texas | AQUILA Commercial

Joe Simmons

Joe specializes in commercial real estate investment sales but he has a hand in all aspects of the industry from project leasing to development and tenant representation.

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