At AQUILA, our property management team is frequently asked about what KingsleySurveys is and why it is implemented. 

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In this article, we explain what KingsleySurveys is and why it should matter to you.


What Is KingsleySurveys?

According to the GraceHill website

“KingsleySurveys Tenant Program uncovers accurate and actionable insights into the tenant experience and drive portfolio growth with the industry’s most proven and trusted tenant survey program.”

So, what does that mean?

For commercial properties, KingsleySurveys allows property management teams to survey tenants over a wide variety of topics in order to find out their perceptions of a property and what drives their decisions. With this information, action plans can be created and implemented or adjusted to enhance tenant experiences in the building.

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What Does KingsleySurveys Measure?

According to the Gracehill website, KingsleySurveys gather insight into tenants’ overall experience and perceptions of:

  • Vision and leadership
  • Property features, sustainability, and general well-being
  • Satisfaction with management, leasing, and maintenance services
  • Likelihood of property recommendation and lease renewal intent
  • Value received for the amount paid
  • Areas for improvement

These survey results are then compared to other similar properties in the KingsleyIndex™ database. Once the survey cycle is complete a report is issued breaking down all the various areas analyzed and from that report, an annual action plan can be created and implemented by Management. The property is also tracked historically on performance as well.

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How Property Managers Use KingsleySurveys

Gathering these tenant opinions and perceptions allows properties to make informed decisions about what services and amenities may need to be added to a building. This also helps take all the guesswork out of determining if tenants will utilize it. These results can also help buildings differentiate themselves from others in the market.

An example would be if a tenant had a poor experience through a tenant finish out that came up during the survey. The management team could then adjust how these are performed in the future to ensure tenants going forward have a positive experience during their suite construction. Another example would be if a tenant would like to see a certain amenity that currently isn’t in the building. This could be a number of amenities such as coffee and breakfast in the lobby. Management could then work to source this amenity and bring it to the building.

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A really big positive aspect is that your survey could have really high scores and the action plans can focus on how to keep tenants and scores high. It will also help to bring out any operating deficiencies that management may or may not have been aware of. 

The action plans are completed after the data and information is gathered and typically lead to higher customer satisfaction, increased renewals, and interest in a property. This is evidenced over time as scores tend to increase as programs are implemented. Ultimately, this is a great tool that will aid in maintaining tenant satisfaction throughout their tenancy. 

Properties that achieve outstanding performance based on the KingsleyIndex™ are awarded the Kingsley Excellence Award. According to the GraceHill website, “Award winners must have exceeded their program’s previous year KingsleyIndex for overall satisfaction.”

All of the properties that AQUILA manages, where we perform these surveys, have received Kingsley Excellence Awards.

Looking to take your property to the next level with KingsleysSurveys and more? Schedule a consultation with one of AQUILA’s property management experts today.

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