As our tenth year comes to an end, we look back at a year full of celebration and a career full of success, as well as forward toward another ten (50, 100?) years of prosperity. Thank you to the clients, family members, and friends who have gotten us to where we are today and spent 2017 celebrating our accomplishments alongside us.

We asked the AQUILA principals to reflect on the past ten years, their highs and lows, what made AQUILA tick, and their take on what makes AQUILA such a uniquely special place to work.

Their answers, unsurprisingly, reflected a healthy mix of humor, authenticity, and tenacity.


What is your funniest AQUILA memory?

Kristi Svec Simmons: Watching Jay in a push-up contest in Cabo on our Top 10 Broker Trip. It is a priceless memory!

Bethany Perez: Jay’s dance moves at the company Christmas party.

Mike Murphy: Running down the snowy taxiway in Telluride to catch our moving plane. We were trying to beat another plane so our pilot started driving out with the stairs still down and we had to run to catch up. We were the only plane to get out that day due to the snowstorm.

Bart Matheney: Oh lord. Too many, too many…

AQUILA Top Producers

The 2016 AQUILA Top Producers trip… before the push-up competition.

What is your favorite AQUILA memory?

Bart Matheney: Probably one of my favorite and most memorable moments was sitting outside of the companywide housekeeping meeting with Jay a few months back and watching everyone interact, have fun and show their pride in our company and our mutual accomplishments – my heart exploded! I looked at Jay, we high-fived and we both said this is very cool…

I think my favorite memories are the ones where I see people in this company working together, playing together, and coming up with better ways to do things.

Chris Perry: Some of my favorite memories are from the CBA events at Aussies. The Dirty Birds clearly have a ton of ‘esprit de corps’ and those have been a lot of fun.

Kristi Svec Simmons: One of my favorites would be us (as a company) collecting enough money to buy gifts for 26 children this past Christmas for the Holiday Wishes Program (through the nonprofit Partnerships for Children).

Todd Tebbe: 2008 – getting the phone call from Jay and Chris that they wanted me to come start up the Project Management service platform at AQUILA. Almost nine years later I can still say that was a great day!

Jason Faludi: One of my favorite memories is Jay encouraging me to get into tenant representation. Also, Joe Simmons in every housekeeping meeting. He makes us all laugh.

The AQUILA Dirty Birds at Aussie's | CBA Tournament

The AQUILA Dirty Birds are undefeated CBA Spirit Champions!

What do you think is the key to success in making it 10 years?

David Putman: Be prepared, work smart, and never give up. Think big, think new, and think ahead.

Jay Lamy: Let the little things go.

Jon Wheless: The culture that the partners have created at AQUILA is one of hard work, collaboration, and fun. AQUILA is well positioned for continued success for years to come, and I look forward to being a part of it.

AQUILA founding principals

The AQUILA founding partners in 2007.

Advice for making it 10 years?

Bart Matheney: Work hard, play hard makes Dirty Birds happy!

Todd Tebbe: Regularly discuss, review, and remind the AQUILA team (both new and old team members) why AQUILA was founded and created – cannot be overstated – see you at 20+!

Craig Andrus: Never give up. Never, never, never.

What is your favorite AQUILA tradition?

Jay Lamy: The annual AQUILA Open golf tournament! The names we come up with and the bonding experience we have with one another are priceless.

Bart Matheney: Definitely, the AQUILA Open.

Chris Perry: The AQUILA Open is a really fun and unique event. Definitely look forward to that every year.

Bethany Perez: Spontaneous happy hours at the [Mean Eyed] CAT!

Todd Tebbe: Sharing and discussing “Flyin’ High” professional conduct and great results with one another at our monthly company-wide meetings.

AQUILA Happy Hour at the Mean Eyed Cat

Happy hours at the Mean Eyed Cat are always a hit.

What do you think is the key to success?

Jay Lamy: The key is to hire good people and then work efficiently as a team. It is important for people on the team to play their position by focusing on their strengths and punting their weaknesses to other teammates. Trusting one another, being creative, collaborative, and developing esprit de corp.

Craig Andrus: Adding value to the deal, thereby becoming a profit center for your client.

Mike Murphy: Personal relationships with our clients.

Bethany Perez: Having the right team and support.

Todd Tebbe: Very simple – great people, focused on doing great things for great clients – cheers and thank you all!

Ben Tolson: Trust and collaboration – lots of both. And a willingness to do things differently.

Thank you for being a part of our first decade of success. We look forward to working with you for many years to come.


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