The search for a new office starts with one essential step: correctly estimating the amount of space your company needs.

Don’t be feigned by the seeming simplicity of this calculation—if you overestimate the amount of space your company needs, you will waste valuable dollars, but if you underestimate the amount of space your company needs, company growth could be constrained.

In order to save you time, money, and hassle, we have streamlined the process with our easy-to-use office space calculator. Designed by our knowledgeable brokers and based on industry standards, this calculator will provide your company with a good estimate of the square footage your company needs.

Visualize your office space needs.

Before inputting your information into the calculator, picture the layout of your future office.

Do you want employee desks to be packed in, or do you want more room for employees to spread out? Will you incorporate meeting spaces, a kitchen, or a break room into your office? Will you house a conglomeration of different departments, requiring versatile spaces that allow you to have both clustered and scattered offices?

Austin Office Space Calculator - Common Space - How much office space do you need?

How would you describe the common areas in your space? Are they expansive – including numerous conference rooms and a large kitchen area or are they minimal with just one conference room and maybe a break room?


Calculate how much square footage your office needs.

Once you have visualized your new office layout, select the applicable options in our calculator. Our calculation is derived from a carefully-designed formula that weighs the number of employees, the amount of space desired for each employee and the use of common spaces.

Use our free Office Space Calculator
To produce the final estimate, your number of employees is multiplied by the average space per employee, to which is added a separate quantifier—the amount of common space multiplied by the number of employees and the amount of space desired for each employee. The final projection should give you a good place to start in your search for a new office space.

Talk to the pros.

While this calculator will provide you with an estimate of the amount of space your new office needs, it is based on industry standards and is not intended to act as a definitive valuation. We highly recommend that you seek the expertise of one of our brokers, who will be able to speak directly with you about your specific needs and the best ways to accommodate those needs within the market. To get a personalized assessment, click the link below.

If you’re ready to start your search for office space, read our Ultimate Guide to Finding Office Space.

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